About Kororā Consulting

Ko Manaia te maunga
Ko Horahora, ko Ngunguru, ko Pātaua, ko Taiharuru ōku awa tupuna
Ko Waimāori te papakainga
Ko Ngunguru me Ngarara Tunua ōku marae
Ko Ngāti Kororā me Ngāti Takapari ngā hapū
Ko Te Waiariki te iwi
Ko Mahanga tōku whānau
Pania (Mahanga) Gray taku ingoa.

Managing Director’s profile statement

Kororā Consulting consistently achieves its clients' objectives to high professional standards; we have a stable base of clients who contract us to deliver quality results on time, with minimum fuss.
We can work independently, within teams and across organisations effectively.
We have superb inter-personal skills and work well with others to solve problems.

Competency strengths

Intellectual horsepower

My role as a Sector Manager for the Auditor-General required me to review and evaluate information from a range of sources to distil the most salient points. This enabled me to effectively advise the Auditor-General, plan work in the education and Māori affairs sectors, and to build and maintain effective working relationships between the Auditor-General and stakeholders in these sectors. Although not a chartered accountant, I had to regularly consider complex and technical accounting matters in the Sector Manager role.  I was willing and able to cope with technical subject matter. I am a capable and methodical thinker.

Quality and timely decisions

The Auditor-General's statutory role is to inquire, audit and report into public entities' use of ratepayer and taxpayer resources. Much of my role as the education and Māori affairs Sector Manager involved me shaping the Auditor-General’s view on public accountability matters in these sectors. These decisions were often required in tight timeframes and required fine judgments to be made after considering the available information, and assessing the risks and implications of each option.

Customer focus

I was the Auditor-General’s "public face" and first contact point for Members of Parliament, and all of the auditors, and 2,700+ public entities in the education and Māori affairs portfolio. Over time, I established a trusting and respectful working relationship with these stakeholder groups. I was able to draw on these relationships to achieve the Auditor-General’s statutory objectives.

Interpersonal savvy

Over 7 years at the Office of the Auditor-General, I built and maintained effective working relationships across the organisation. For this reason, I was involved in a number of organisation-wide projects. I was capable of relating well at all levels of the organisation. Personal rapport, courtesy and professionalism underpin all of my working relationships.

Written communication

Examples of my published written work: